Three Light Navigation

Bangladesh, being a country with countless strings of rivers crossed with each other like a network of threads, traditionally has relied on river ways for relatively most cost effective means of transportation of goods from one end to the other of the country. Infact, the country has over 700 rivers with about 13,000 Kms of riverways and an even greater number of streams and channels, most of which are part of the three major river systems, The Padma, The Jamuna and the Meghna.

Since its earlier days, Three Light Navigation has been a leading Inland River Transportation Company in Bangladesh and provides a comprehensive marine logistics solution for all types of goods and cargoes throughout the country.

TLN has a strategic and balanced mix of about 40 vessels in their fleet that are suitable to provide tailor made marine transport solution for the intricate riverine routes in Bangladesh, transporting heavy lift, break bulk, project cargo, food grains, cements and other good and cargoes.