Shipbuilding, Docking and Repairing Facilities

We have vertically expanded our business operation in our pursuit to provide the complete solution to our customers.  Already being one of the biggest owner operators of inland vessels, we have firsthand experience in the docking and repairing of vessels and now putting our expertise in service for the benefit of other.

We can provide a complete Shipbuilding, docking and repairing service whether you are planning to make a new one or doing maintenance work on the old. Our service includes:


Quotation & Shipyard Space:

As we receive query, we will start the follow up with our shipyards’ tenders, dock space availability, manpower and equipment facilities at the period of vessels docking and inspect whether we can meet the entire requirement.

Technical Support:

We closely discuss with superintendent in charge of the vessels to understand the requirement of ship owners and discuss with our shipyards to make improvement of the price and time for the repair.

Time Schedule:

We understand the importance of time and deadline and work continuously to complete the work within the timeframe so that you can plan your operations ahead with effectively.

Ship Attending:

During your vessel’s repair and docking yard in our shipyards, our staffs are always in close inspection of the work to provide you our after sales services and assist the superintendent to have better, smoother docking and cooperation with the shipyards.