Equipment Leasing


“Second to None”


Even though we have grown into a specialized and sophisticated heavy lift solution provider over the years, backbone of our business still remains close to our heart from where it all started, Equipment Leasing.

With 90 equipments such as Cranes, Dump Trucks, Excavators, Pay Loaders, Deck Loader, Hatch Loader and Tugs, we take pride in being the single largest wide ranged multi modal Equipment Leasing Company in Bangladesh.  We are only second to none in providing our clients with such diverse choice of heavy lift equipments in both Road and Inland River.

Our Equipments are leased on rental basis and has been long working in various construction projects all over the country. Infrastructure development such as bridge and road construction, building construction, gas field, coal mining, cement factory, or any other types of construction project, our skilled operators have the experience of working in all different environments.

We are continuously importing equipments from abroad to add to its list and gradually phasing out or sell the old ones. With our skilled and experienced crewman and operator at service round the clock, our modern stock has the means to meet your needs for any type of project in Bangladesh.