Customs Clearance


“Attention to details is the key”


The process of entry and exit differs in each country. Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and increase costs. In this highly competitive global market where every penny matters, you have to have great attention to details to be an efficient and reliable Customs Clearing Expert.

Here at MKK Logistics, with over 30 years of experience in Customs Clearing, we have been a trusted name in brokerage and Consultancy, operating with our own license since 1978 in all the major Customs point in Bangladesh, ie, both Chittagong and Mongla Seaport, Dhaka and Chittagong International Airport, major river ports, Dhaka ICD Railway station and in Benapole, the land border in Bangladesh, adjacent to India.

We can provide you a comprehensive Customs Clearing solution which includes:

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Assessment of HS Code
  • Tax and VAT Calculation
  • Online Submission
  • Import Permit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Re exportable Items
  • Any customs clearing issue regarding project management
  • Complete Customs Clearance Solution

Customs clearance is the area of activity with minutest details and requiring constant monitoring of regulating documents. Thanks to high qualification and well coordinated work of our specialist you will not face the situation of the forced freights downtime and costs arising from the same.

Our focus on compliance management helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations. As a market leader and pioneer in this sector, we maintain industry best practice standards throughout the clearance process.