For all our diverse range of services and operations, we take our occupational health and safety policies very seriously. Not only it is essential for our employees, but is also increasingly important for our customers and other stakeholders.

We have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System as a fundamental part of our risk management strategy not only to address the obligations of our International Clienteles, but also to prepare ourselves to the changing legislation and protect the workforce and other persons working under our control.


We focus on employing the right people for the right job regardless of religion, language, race, gender or disability. Our Human Resource policy emphasis on three C; Country, Company and Colleague. All our employees work on this three motto, that is, to serve the country with integrity, to be loyal to the company and to work in a team environment with the colleagues and be beside each other like family members. This will serve the company’s increasing employee satisfaction; strengthen corporate loyalty and develop integrity and efficiency; ensuring participation in the decision making process by providing an environment for self development.

At Shams Group of Companies, our employees are our most valuable asset and we take pride in being part of the Shams Group family.